How to find the right Senior Living Community in St. Louis, MO

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SLE Staff answered 3 years ago

Finding the Right Senior Living Community

Transitioning into senior living can be scary, overwhelming, and emotional. Senior Living Experience is here to help you and be with you in each step of the process. When moving into a senior living community the first thing you need to decide is which level of care you need and what community best suits those needs.

There are different types of communities and different levels of care. Some need minimal assistance while others need a little more attention. Every person is different and you knowing and being open about your needs helps us to decide on the best fit for you.

This is going to be your new forever home so it’s important to not only know your needs but your wants as well. Above all Senior Living Experience wants you to be happy and comfortable in your new home. Will you be eating all your meals with the other residents or would you prefer to have a kitchen in your suite so you can still cook when you feel like it? Is your social life and activities important to you? Are you going to need transportation to various activities and appointments? Do you need a space that is accessible? These, and others, are all different factors to consider when transitioning into a senior living community.

Another big factor to consider is money. In most cases downsizing into a senior community can be cheaper as you’re only looking at one overall monthly payment instead of those things we worry about like repairs, outdoor maintenance, or those unexpected expenses that come up with owning a house.

One of the best things you can do for yourself if you’re considering transitioning into a senior living community is by going on tours of various communities. Google different places. Ask people who live and work there. The best information is the stuff you learn for yourself from the ones who actually have hands-on knowledge.

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