Move Only

In addition to our Market Sale & Move and As-Is Sale and Move Services, our team is available to help manage you or your loved one’s move only. Our roster of experienced moving professionals will treat every item with utmost care, and our commitment to consistent, compassionate communication means we’ll be there for you from the moment we start planning until you’re settled into your new home.

How we help:

  • Planning

    We’ll work with you to plan out where your belongings need to go – from those that are moving with you to those that are staying behind, going to family members, or being donated

  • Cleaning & Clutter Removal

    We can provide cleaning and clutter removal services, from whole-house cleaning to dropping unwanted items off at donation centers

  • Professional Packers and Unpackers

    Our team of experienced packers will carefully prepare your things for safe transport, and will unpack them once they arrive at your new home

  • Professional Space Planners

    After meeting with you to discuss your new home, what you’ll be taking with you, and your personal preferences, we’ll create and arrange a custom floor plan to make your new home comfortable and convenient for you

  • Unpacking Services

    On moving day, expect to come home to a freshly set-up new space, not a scene of moving boxes! Our unpacking team will be there unpacking boxes and directing movers on where to place your furniture – all to ensure your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

  • Consistent Communication

    Our team will be in contact with you and your family throughout your entire move, offering support and answering any questions or concerns that may pop up along the way

  • Post-Move Call

    Once you’ve had a day or two to settle into your new home, we’ll reach out to answer any final questions and make sure you’re feeling comfortable in your brand-new space

For folks who are not selling their current home or choose to do so themselves, having a trusted partner by their side throughout their move is still important for a stress-free transition to senior living.

Learn more about how we can help you:

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page for our answers to some of the most common questions our clients have or Call: 314.250.0163



To learn more about how to prepare for and what to expect during the transition to your new home or community – including tools, tips, and ways to take action, please grab our free Step by Step Senior Housing Guide.