Is it a good time to sell my home?

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Senior Living Experience Staff asked 3 years ago

Can I sell my home right now in St. Louis? What are the trends? Over asking price for houses?

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Senior Living Experience Staff answered 3 years ago

Sell My Home Fast for Cash in St Louis, Missouri?

If you are a senior living in Saint Louis, MO, or the surrounding areas such as St. Charles, Madison County or Jefferson County and you are looking to sell your home fast for cash, this is the TIME! Watch the video below by Shelby Reed to know why?

Why NOW is actually the BEST time to sell your home in the St Louis market – Senior Living Missouri

Senior Home Buyers in Saint Louis, MO

The recent realtors report reveals that there is a shortage of homes in the Saint Louis real estate market. There are less home available for sale which is driving up the prices. Many homes are selling in an as-is conditions, without repairs and no commissions.

It can be seen right now that if a house is priced appropriately, it is being sold within a day for a price that is over 20k to 50k and the houses that are available in the market today will all be gone in a month.

This kind of opportunity for sellers comes once in a while and this time, it has a lot to do with COVID. We are seeing a post Covid market trend, where there is an influx of home buyers and not enough properties to buy. This can be your chance to sell your house fast for cash!

If you are senior looking to downsize and move to a senior living community, then please contact us. We can help you find the right senior community, downsize and buy your house for cash in an as-is condition.

Interested to sell your home fast for cash, hassle free, no repairs, no commissions – contact us.


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