What are the Best Downsizing Donation Option in St Louis?

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SLE Staff answered 3 years ago

Senior Living Donation Options when Downsizing:

It’s time to downsize and the apartment or condo you’re moving into is considerably smaller than the house you’re living in now. Between gifts, purchases and necessities you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and you just can’t take it all with you. It won’t all fit. This is a huge topic and comes up all the time with our clients. Friends and family aren’t needing or wanting anything and because these items are full of memories you don’t just want to hand them over to goodwill, although they are a worthy cause.

Recently we’ve been working with an amazing organization located in Brentwood, Missouri. They’re called Home Sweet Home. We were invited over to their place a few weeks ago and got to tour their facilities. We had the wonderful opportunity to really learn, first hand, how they work and the different ways we can work with them, and in turn make a really huge impact on families right here in the St. Louis area. They are a non-profit organization with around 60-70 locations. They work with low income families who are unable to afford basic home necessities such as kitchen table and chairs, plates and silverware, bedsheets and pillowcases. So if you’re looking for a “good home” for your memorabilia and want to spread some love and brighten someone’s day give us a call today.


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