What are the documents to consider when downsizing?

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Senior Living Experience Staff asked 3 years ago

What are the essential documents to get ready with when moving to a senior living facility?

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Senior Living Experience Staff answered 3 years ago

Saint Louis, MO Senior Downsizing – Document

What are the most important documents to go over when downsizing? or Senior Transitioning including Selling Your Home, Moving etc.

Senior Downsizing Planning Process & Documents Details

If you are looking to downsize and move to a senior living facility in St. Louis, Missouri, you should create a plan of action – a roadmap where you can house certain documents that are essential for senior transition. This all begins with a goal setting and then building your advisory team that will be able to handle all your requests. This advisory team can include your Attorney, Financial advisor, CPA, Medical doctor, Family members and other advisors.

While developing these documents, always think about – What is important to the members of your advisory team? Ask them if you have not already. For example, “I am creating a Senior Housing Plan that I expect to begin following (fill in the date, e.g., next month, next year, or in ten years). What is important to you?” Ask your advisory team, “Is there anything else you want me to consider as I am creating my plan”? This way you will know exactly what to have in these documents ready when needed.

Other questions to consider include:

  • Do you have any concerns regarding my health, safety, and overall happiness?
  • What problems or challenges are you facing as my top advisor?
  • Is moving in with you or anyone else in our family an option?

Once you map out what is important to you and your team, and you have a basic idea and budget of what you want and need, you can then start identifying and interviewing senior care facilities.

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