What is Independent Living?

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Independent Living in St. Louis, MO

As you approach your later years I’m sure you’re picturing a life of leisure, maybe a little more travel, and spending more quality time with friends and loved ones. However, if you own a home all that upkeep and household chores and cooking may infringe on the lifestyle you’re wanting. This is why independent living could be ideal for you.  Independent living is specifically designed for seniors who are still active but allows them their independence and privacy while also offering amenities and services to make life easier.

Independent living allows you to live your independent recreational and social lifestyle all the while adding the extra convenience of services such as housekeeping, transportation, and meals to make your life that much easier. You can choose private homes to apartments and suites. For your security and assurance, they offer 24-hour security and staff assistance if ever needed.

The residents of independent living are just that…independent. They don’t need regular medical care. They don’t need assistance with bathing or dressing. Independent living is a great fit for the self-reliant senior who still desires that community living aspect but doesn’t need the day-to-day assistance of a nursing or personal care staff.

Types of Independent Care Facilities

Retirement Homes or Communities

Retirement homes offer a range of living options for seniors. There are apartments, townhomes, and some even offer stand-alone houses. Some even have 24-hour access to medical care and emergency assistance. Each community is different in regards to the services they offer, but the services that are available are things like meals, transportation, housekeeping, activities, theatre and game rooms, pool, and fitness area. Keep in mind though the more services may also increase the monthly cost.

Senior Apartments

This living option offers the same amenities as a retirement home but is more limited in terms of services. You can choose from one or two-bedroom apartments which also allows you your privacy. The apartment itself is set up with a full kitchen and bathroom. The building offers common areas to encourage socialization and that community feeling. With a senior apartment, services will differ from building to building. Rent is usually substantially lower than a typical one or two-bedroom apartment and will often include indoor and outdoor maintenance.

Services and Amenities

  • Meals and Maintenance – They offer different dining packages with meals prepared by culinary chefs and dieticians. They also offer weekly cleaning and laundry services. And if something breaks you can give one of the expert maintenance people a call.
  • Activities – They offer a wide range of social, recreational, and educational activities.
  • Onsite – There may also be a variety of onsite amenities such as fireside living rooms, sunrooms, fitness areas, pools, and beauty salons.

So if you’ve been dreaming of a little more leisure in your life and think it’s about time to downsize then give the awesome team at Senior Living Experience a call today. Senior Living Experience is your one-stop shop for senior downsizing. We’re here to assist you in your transition from home to senior living.

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