Where can I find a Senior Housing – Senior Care Facility, Downsizing & Moving Guide?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsWhere can I find a Senior Housing – Senior Care Facility, Downsizing & Moving Guide?
Senior Living Experience Staff asked 3 years ago

Is there a Senior Housing Guide that gives an overall checklist and information on Downsizing & Moving in St. Louis?

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Senior Living Experience Staff answered 3 years ago

Senior Living Guide – FULL 164 Page Document!


Home to Home Senior Housing Guide for Seniors interested in Downsizing and Moving to a Senior Care Facility in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Saint Louis Senior Living – Sell Home & Downsizing Services. FREE Guide. Senior Care Facility Movers – YouTube




If you are a senior or a family member of a senior or even you know a senior who is looking to downsize and move to a senior living facility in Saint Louis, MO, please feel free to share this informative guide – HOME TO HOME with them. It will truly help them to make a smooth transition to a senior home facility. We provide the following services when it comes to selling your house & moving you to a senior living facility:

  • Planning

    Before we begin scheduling your home sale and move, we will sit down with you to get to know your unique situation and create a plan to match your needs. We’ll discuss your sale options, help determine your moving schedule, coordinate with your family, and more – we can even answer questions to help you decide which neighborhood or senior living community you’d like to move to.

  • SRES Certified Real Estate Agents

    You’ll work with a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Certified agent who has the knowledge and expertise to offer you the best advice and information for this unique lifestyle transition

  • Professional Movers & Space Planners

    Our experienced movers and space planners will make sure all of your belongings stay safe on the way to your community, and that your new home is set up perfectly once you get there. We’ll even provide you with a customized floor plan to use in setting up your new space.

  • Unpacking Services

    On moving day, expect to come home to a freshly set-up new space, not a scene of moving boxes! Our unpacking team will be there unpacking boxes and directing movers on where to place your furniture – all to ensure your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

  • Handyman Services

    As we prepare your home for sale, our team will advise on, coordinate, and oversee any repairs or updates you would like to make

  • Cleaning & Clutter Removal

    From whole-house cleaning to estate sale referrals to dropping unwanted items off at donation centers or family members’ homes, we’ll help you make sure that both your current and new home are in tip-top shape

  • Consistent Communication

    In addition to weekly visits during the listing process, our team will keep in touch with your family throughout your entire home sale and move

  • Post-Move Call

    Few days after you arrive at your new home, we’ll reach out to answer any final questions and make sure you’re settling in comfortably

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