Which is the best Senior Downsizing and Moving Guide?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsWhich is the best Senior Downsizing and Moving Guide?
Senior Living Experience Staff asked 3 years ago

Where can I find a complete Senior Downsizing and Moving Book?

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Senior Living Experience Staff answered 3 years ago

HOME TO HOME Guide for Senior Downsizing


If you are a senior or a family member of a senior and you are looking to find answers to questions such as how to help seniors in the family to downsize, you must get your copy of the free ebook – HOME TO HOME (Author: Shelby Reed, Robert Heyder, Max Keller)

At Senior Living Experience, we work with seniors and their families who are going through a downsizing transition into a senior living community and we help them from the real estate side of things as well as moving. We can also help you with moves where seniors are downsizing to an apartment or a one/two bedroom home.

Many seniors have lived in their homes for over 30 years and are past the concept of selling their home. It becomes overwhelming when they have to sell the home and at the same time move to a senior living facility. Senior Living Experience is a senior care concierge service where we have merged these two processes together ie. “selling your home” and “moving” to an assisted living community.

Watch this great interview hosted by Max Keller interviewing Shelby Reed.

Senior Home Buyer | Senior Moving Services in St. Louis, MO

By bringing together not only a move and a moving services but also the real estate services with our brokerage and our real estate investment team, made that process easy & hassle free.

When it comes to selling seniors house, we make sure that the inspections are hitting the right time and we’re getting the right contract /paper work with the right close date that coincides with the move date. We are senior living professionals that have worked with senior homeowners for long and have the right experience that they look for when selling their homes and moving.

Interested to sell your home fast for cash, hassle free, no repairs, no commissionscontact us.


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