Who Qualifies for Senior Living in St. Louis, MO?

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SLE Staff answered 3 years ago

Do I Qualify for Senior Living | St Louis, MO

Are you considering downsizing and wondering if you qualify for senior living or if it’s even a good fit for you? In today’s video, we’re going to delve into this topic and answer some of your questions. First of all, when we talk about senior living we’re talking about a certain age group. We’re looking at those who are 65 and over. We’re talking about people who are looking for a different way of living, different day-to-day activities, those who are no longer wanting to live on their own. If you’re ready to be around more people around the same age as you give us a call today!

Senior Living in St. Louis, MO

One of the biggest benefits of senior living is the sense of community you will have. Living with 30+ people, all in the same age range, enjoying the same activities and outings as you. This allows you to reconnect and rebuild that social network you may have lost over time by living on your own. Do you enjoy having your meals prepared for you? A lot of our senior living communities offer three meals a day. They are optional so if one day you wake up and don’t feel like making breakfast you have the option of going down to the dining room or having it brought up to you in your apartment.


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