7 Steps to Selling Your Parents Home for Cash in St. Louis

Selling My Parents Home for Cash St. Louis

Selling Your Parents Home for Cash St. Louis, MO

Your parents have decided to transition into a senior living community and truth be told you could use a little extra cash to help with the expenses. The decision and transition were hard enough and now you’re worried about the finances. Not to worry, with Senior Living Experience, you can sell your parent’s home for cash and pay those bills.

Can I Sell My Parents Home For Cash?

As our loved ones age it’s no surprise that the majority of them will need some form of assisted living. Costs of in-home care are increasing and you may not have the ability to have them move in with you. It might be time to consider a senior living community. Senior living has its own costs and expenses so selling your parent’s home can help offset those expenses, and Senior Living Experience can help.

How Long Will it Take?

With a traditional agent, this process could take months. As cash home buyers once you accept our top all-cash offer you could be closed in as little as seven days. Senior Living Experience is your one-stop concierge service for transitioning into senior living. When you choose us the entire process, from choosing a community to moving day, can take as little as a month.

When’s the right time?

If you go through a traditional agent they’ll most likely tell you in the spring. The problem is, is that if you’re moving in the fall or early winter that is an extremely long time to wait. As cash home buyers we will pay you cash for your as-is home anytime. You don’t have to wait till the market is right, you don’t have to make repairs or go through those pesky open houses. Quick. Easy. Hassle-free.

Do I Need Power of Attorney (POA)?

If you’re selling your parent’s home then POA is useful. It allows you to make decisions on their behalf. It’s always good to check which POA you have.

Can We Advertise the House for Sale by Owner?

If you’d like to try and sell your parent’s home “for sale by owner” then you will need a valid POA. It can also help if you are on their will. The overall answer is yes but this process can be difficult to set up.

Is it Easier to Use Cash Home Buyers?

The short and simple answer is yes. There are no repairs, no fees or commissions, no cleaning or open houses. Just cash for your as-is home. We also cover the closing costs and you can be closed in as little as a week. With a traditional agent, you could be waiting months for your house to sell, you have all those fees and commissions to pay, you need to spend time and money on those repairs, and you need to make sure your home is always show-ready for those open houses.

Next Steps

Now that you have all the information to make an informed decision you’ll see that the quick, easy, and hassle-free option is choosing a cash home buyer like Senior Living Experience. It really is quite easy. Give us a call, we’ll set up a meet and greet so we can better assess the property, we’ll make you an offer within 24hrs, once you accept the offer you get to choose the closing date.

Senior Living Experience is your one-stop concierge service for senior downsizing and transitioning. We have assisted hundreds of families and we’re here to assist you. We will be there with you every step of the way making sure everything goes smoothly and that you’re comfortable and at ease. We have the knowledge and expertise and understand how difficult this process can be and how unique each situation is. Give us a call today!


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