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St. Louis, MO Best Senior Moving Services

St. Louis, MO Top Senior Moving Services

Senior Living Experience is your number one all-in-one senior moving concierge service. We assist seniors in the transition from the family home into senior living. We’ll help you pack, get rid of unwanted items, move, unpack, and even help sell your home if need be. We offer the convenience of being able to do it all under one roof.  We know and understand how emotional and overwhelming this time can be and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

What We Have to Offer:

  • Downsizing: Transitioning into senior living means moving into a smaller space. We’ll not only help your pack but identify those things that are essential and non-essential for your new home. Once the non-essential items have been identified we’ll help you either place them in storage or get rid of them altogether.
  • Pack & Move: We have a team of professional packers standing by to ensure that your items arrive safe and sound. They will ensure that your valuables are packed securely, that all items arrive safely at your new home, and unpack those items when they arrive. We guarantee your move will not only be safe but time and cost-efficient.
  • Organize & Design: When you choose Senior Living Experience you are assigned your very own Senior Real Estate Specialist that works with you from beginning to end. They will work closely with you and help create a floor plan so that we can set up your new home as closely as possible to your new home to make your transition that much more comfortable.
  • Unpack & Set-Up: When you arrive at your new home we guarantee that it will be move-in ready. We will have all of your things unpacked and set up so that when you arrive you just get to come in and enjoy. We remove all the hassle and stress for you.
  • Sales. Donations & Disposal: Depending on how long you’ve been in your current home you’re more than likely to have accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the years. When downsizing you quickly realize that you’re not able to take it all with you. Once we’ve identified those things not going with you we will help with the sale, donating, or disposal of those items.
  • Special Services: We also offer special services such as electronic installation, hanging your family pictures or artwork, removing or cleaning of rugs, hanging your favorite chandelier, and even furniture assembly if you should need it.

Senior Living Experience really is your one-stop shop when it comes to senior transitioning. We have created and built a full-service senior concierge service because we know and understand how this time in life can feel like an emotional roller coaster and how overwhelming it can all be. We want this time to be as quick, easy, efficient, and stress-free as possible. You are not alone, we’re here for you.


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