COVID19 – Update!

Saint Louis Senior Homebuyers

Today I wanted to share a quick update on COVID-19 and how we are doing with our moves and home sales.  At the time this post is coming out it is the beginning of September 2020, and most schools here in the St. Louis area are back – in some capacity; whether that is virtual, a hybrid method, or back to in-person teaching.

It’s been a few months since we last shared how COVID-19 is impacting our business, home sales surrounding Seniors who are looking to move, as well as the physical moves.  The great news is that we have been able to continue on with our day to day – we are doing moves, Seniors are selling their homes (often times – in this hot sellers market – for more than their asking price!), as well as continuing to move into Senior Living Communities.  With the help of masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, and other safety precautions, we have seen a lot of success in these things working and helping to slow the spread of this virus.

If you are a Senior struggling with whether or not now is the right time to move – I would strongly encourage you to make the move!  Especially if you own a home and would be selling.  According to the St. Louis REALTORS August Housing Report, the months supply of inventory is down 36.7%, with pending sales up 26.9% from 2019.  What this means is now is the time to sell if considering.  Buyers looking for homes is up, with a limited amount of inventory for them to view.  The homes that are hitting the market are getting snatched up quickly as buyers are aware of the low inventory levels.  The professionals we have spoken with at local Senior Communities are very optimistic in how they have been combating the fight against the virus, and keeping their residents safe and healthy.

Check out the video below and be sure to listen in for our latest COVID-19 update.


I would encourage everyone to continue to practice social distancing methods, wear your mask, wash your hands – the quicker we can safely learn to live alongside of this virus, the more we can continue living and enjoying our normal lives.

While only you can decide when the right time to downsize is – be sure to discuss your options with various local resources and make sure to really understand some basic things that can be done to protect you, your family, as well as the Communities you are viewing.

I am looking forward to releasing another update in a few months – with hopefully talks of a vaccine and or more effective treatments!

Stay healthy!