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Senior Assisted Living Facilities St. Louis

Senior Assisted Living Facilities St. Louis

We have all romanticized the idea of growing old at home but the reality is the majority of us will need some level of assisted living at some point. Although there tends to be a stigma around senior assisted living, such as it’s an end to my independence and living my life, there are numerous benefits to making the move into a senior living facility. So if you or a loved one is considering moving into a senior living community continue reading and discover some of the benefits of doing so.

One of the biggest concerns of people, especially children of aging parents, is safety. Is it safe for them to still live on their own? What if they fall and no one is around? What if something serious happens? Senior Living Experience Communities are specifically designed to offer a safe and secure place for your aging relatives. Outside of the obvious 24hr staff, and secure entrances, we also have alert systems in the units themselves if needed.

Another big concern is socialization. For those who have a strong social community outside of senior living, there is a concern that they will lose that. Firstly, there is the opportunity, when moving into a senior assisted community, to make and create new bonds and relationships with residents, staff, and volunteers. Between eating meals together, group activities, and just a nice chat over a cup of tea, we have seen new friendships flourish. But there is no need to fear losing existing relationships either, just like you would in your own home, you have the ability to invite them over for a game of cards and to catch up.

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Speaking of dining with others, this is not only a great socializing tool but can be good for your health as well. As we age we all know our appetites decrease and sometimes out of convenience we don’t always choose the best options. With a senior living facility, your meals are prepared for you and are nutritionally balanced. But if you’re one who still enjoys cooking no need to fear as you can choose a unit with a stove so when the feeling hits you can whip up your favourite dish.

As we age driving may no longer be an option, whether for health reasons or financially. We then tend to depend on our children or other close friends and relatives to take us to our various appointments and activities. This can be difficult and sometimes burdensome on them between their busy schedules and having families and lives of their own. Our Senior Living Experience Communities have shuttle services available to take you to your different appointments and activities when needed.

One of the greatest benefits to senior assisted living for both the individual and the family members is peace of mind. Being a homeowner is not only expensive but comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to worry about maintenance and repairs, as well as when the seasons change the added duties of shoveling the snow, raking the leaves, and cleaning the gutters. As we age this can become overwhelming and in some cases not possible to keep up. With assisted living communities you just need to worry about that one monthly payment that encompasses all your housing bills. No need to worry about repairs or outdoor upkeep.

Senior Living Experience understands that regardless of how many benefits we list off for moving into senior assisted living that it’s still a very emotional and overwhelming time for most people. But we’ve also heard a lot of our clients say, after making the move, that they wished they had done so earlier. Senior Living Experience is here to help and assist you and your family every step of the way to make the move as easy and stress-free as possible. Give us a call today! We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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