Assisted Living vs. Independent Living Community in St. Louis, Missouri

Assisted vs Independent Living Feature

Assisted Vs. Independent Living Community

Today I’d like to talk about the difference between assisted living care options and independent living care options. When you’re downsizing and making that transition into assisted living it’s really important to know the different facilities and options that are out there when it comes to your personal level of care and needs. We at Senior Living Experience want to help you make the best-informed choice for you.

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When we say independent living we’re talking about people who can live independently. People with little to no mobility issues, can cook for themselves if needed, and take care of their own basic health essentials. Living within the community also adds a social benefit. You get to interact with others in the same age group as you and enjoy the same activities as you do. Independent living still allows you your independence while giving you that social benefit of being around your peers. This is why independent living is the popular choice because our clients still want to live on their own but just want to live more simply while enjoying the social aspects.

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Within assisted living, we have both long-term and short-term. Maybe you just had a medical procedure that requires you to get a little more attention but only for a few weeks or months. But for those who need a little more hands-on with their day-to-day care, and have restrictions when it comes to their daily activities then long-term assisted care might be for you. Even though you require more assistance with your daily activities you still get to reap the benefits of living in your own space and the social benefits of being in a community of your peers.


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