Introduction to our Book: Home to Home!

Home to Home ebook Senior Downsizing

This week I am excited to introduce everyone to our free book: Home to Home: The Step by Step Senior Housing Guide!  This book is an amazing resource I would love to get into all Senior’s hands as they begin to consider a downsizing transition into a Senior Living Community.  Along with the book we also have a Workbook version, which I encourage everyone to dive into after spending some time reading through the book and really getting your thoughts in order of what it is you are wanting.

Watch the video below on our FREE Book: Home to Home –


Inside this book, you will find planning information, things to consider during your planning phase, helpful tips to think about when and if you are considering selling your home; it explores the various sales options we mention here at Senior Living Experience – digging further into these and explaining some pros and cons for each option.  The book will also walk you through the various care options available to you amongst the senior living communities, as well as some helpful real world scenarios and examples to review!

You can download a FREE pdf version of the book from our website or shoot us a message and we will get you a free copy sent in the mail.