Selling Your Home to a Licensed Real Estate Investor

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What does “Multiple Home Sale Options” mean?!  You will likely see this a lot here on our website.  Selling your home is one of the largest decisions you will analyze during your downsizing transition, however knowing you have options and being able to review these options with a real estate professional is essential to choosing the one that is the best choice for you.  This week’s Senior Seminar Series is going to dig a bit deeper into 1 of those options – selling your home to a real estate investor.

Watch the video below on Selling Your Home to a Licensed Real Estate Investor


Selling your home can be a daunting task, however the choice to sell to a real estate investor can allow a home sale to be one that is easy, stress-free and simple.  The analysis and discussions leading up to the choice is the most difficult step!  However, once deciding on this option – it will lead to a non-complicated home sale.

Working with a professional and licensed real estate investor is something you should absolutely consider in your home sale.  While it might not be a great fit – it is an option and something you should review and consider during this transition to Senior Living.

Let’s start with some of the benefits – customers that are a good fit for this want or need to sell their homes quickly.  Typically, this involves a completed closing in less than 30 days from when they go under contract.  Ideal customers are those that do not have a lot of money to put into the house for repairs or updates.  Other instances are where the house is usually in rough shape or has a fair amount of deferred maintenance.

One of the major drawbacks of selling to an investor is if the home is mostly or fully updated, the purchase price will usually be lower than if the seller uses a real estate agent.

In our book – “Home to Home: A Step by Step Guide to Senior Living” we share a series of important questions to ask a real estate investor if you are considering this option – I would strongly encourage anyone considering selling their home to a real estate investor to first check out this list of questions before deciding on your final choice.

Selling your home can and should be a fun and rewarding experience!  Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the various home sale options!