What does it cost seniors to downsize? in St. Louis, MO

Cost of Senior Living Saint Louis Missouri

Senior Downsizing in Saint Louis, Missouri – What is the Cost?

Wondering what will your cost be when downsizing? What will be your cost when working with Senior Living Experience? Watch this informative Q&A video to find the answer:

Senior Living Experience – Cost to Downsize for Seniors in St. Louis, MO

Senior Living Experience is a senior care concierge service, therefore all our services can be step-by-step put together, or broken down depending on your specific requirement and situation. When we first meet with you, we like to ask you a bunch of questions which is more like an open dialogue to determine your needs and this allows us to layer in the pieces that are most suitable according to your situation.

When it comes to “cost”, be assured that we charge a very fair and competitive rate. Our rates are based on time and the amount of manpower required to get things done on time. This include packing boxes, our packing materials, loading/unloading and moving to senior care facility.

From our experience, we have noticed that there isn’t “a one size fits all” solution. For example: if you are on a very tight budget, then we can scale back on some of the services to fit the most essential ones even if they are outside of your budget,

All of our customers that we have worked with in the past have told us that they wish they would have called us earlier in the process.

At Senior Living Experience, we encourage you to reach out to us whether you are a senior, or you have seniors in the family who are looking to downsize and move to assisted living in St. Louis. We can be a resource to you in many different capacities and there’s many different rates we offer to accommodate your request no matter what your budget is.

Also, if you are interested to sell your home fast for cash, hassle free, no repairs, no commissionscontact us.


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