5 Questions for a Child of a Senior

Housing for Senior St. Louis, MO

One of the most asked questions we receive here at Senior Living Experience when working with a son or daughter of a Senior is – “What should I do next to help Mom or Dad?!”.

Today we are sharing 5 Questions for a Child of a Senior – these are the perfect ground breakers to get the conversation of Senior Living started and approach it in a non-confrontational and helpful space.

Question #1: What is best for your Parent(s)?!

As your parent(s) son or daughter – you most likely have an inclination of what is truly best for your parent(s)!  However, we encourage you to take an honest look into your parent(s) life and lifestyle and really think about what will make them the most happy?  Is it staying in place in their current home, while providing additional care?  Or is it getting them into a more social setting with opportunities to meet and share experiences with others?  This is an important first question and place to get started.

Question #2: Who is the primary decision maker?

Does your parent(s) need someone to help make their next decision?  Most Seniors we work with are ready and able to make their own decisions on this transition, however it is helpful to consider this and assess when getting ready for the next steps!

Question #3: Have you sat down and discussed with your parent(s) your concerns?

Question #4: What are your major concerns?

Question #5: What are the financial considerations?

Can your parent(s) afford senior living?  Can they afford to stay in their current home?  Does it make more sense to bring in additional care and help inside of the home?

Watch the video below for more tips and tricks on the 5 Questions for a Child of a Senior


We hope this helped get your conversation of Senior Living started with your Parent!  Please reach out to learn more of how we can be of service!