Seniors! Get Your Groceries Delivered to Your Home!

Have you heard of Instacart?!  Grocery Delivery Services?!  Instacart is just that – they are a grocery delivery service that makes those weekly, sometimes daily trips to the grocery store a thing of the past.  This week I wanted to share that Instacart just released their new service specifically designed to support our Seniors!

Their new Senior Support Service helps seniors build confidence with their online grocery delivery and stay safer ahead of the upcoming cold and flu season.  This service is available for customers over age 60, and is designed to help you through the adaptation of their app-based ordering process.  In the month of September alone, Instacart brought more than 60,000 seniors online with their Senior Support Service!

According to Instacart, “When using Instacart’s Senior Support Service, a dedicated specialist is ready to assist with a range of high-touch services – from setting up an account, to filling a virtual cart and placing a first order, to providing tutorials on key Instacart features like setting preferred replacements and chatting with their shopper, to troubleshooting problems or questions about an existing order.”

If you are not already using an online grocery delivery service, I urge you to give Instacart a try.  Their online delivery service is one of the safer ways to get groceries, household essentials and even medications.  Even if you are not used to using their app – this new service will help build your confidence and walk you through each step of the way!

I am an avid Instacart user – I started using them pre-covid, however used it extensively throughout covid and still now – on a weekly basis.  While I admit it does take a quick  minute to become adjusted to their app and how to make it best work for you – it is well worth it!  And with this new service – I just might consider seeing if I can sign back up again so I can receive all of the guidance!

Check out the video below where I chatted a little more about Instacart’s new Senior specific services –