St. Louis Senior Moves – What to do with old items when Moving / Selling Senior Homes?

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St. Louis Senior Moves – What to do with old items when Moving / Selling Senior Homes?

What to do with unwanted house items, furniture and useless old things when selling your home or moving to a Senior Living Facility in St. Louis, Missouri?

Hi everyone, welcome back to Senior Living Experience Senior Seminar Series!  As always I am your host, Shelby Reed – today’s topic is a really common question we hear from both family members of seniors and then seniors themselves – What are we going to do or where is a good place to donate items that we are not bringing with us to the Senior Living facility?

The items we are discussing today, are the ones that are large in size… that you can’t just fit in the back of your normal car. I’m talking about a dining room table, a china hutch, a whole bedroom set, etc.  This is such a big question we get because not a lot of people have the ability to easily move, transport and or dispose of these items.

When you hire Senior Living Experience services for selling your home and then moving to a senior living facility in St. Louis, we take care of all these things for you.  We work with four main companies that are local here to St. Louis and we have the resources to support your home sale, estate sale, and move to Senior Housing.


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Our number one resource we like to use is the Salvation Army.  The Goodwill is another one, and two others are – Home Sweet Home and St. Vincent De Paul.

All four of these organizations will schedule a donation pickup for you, so all you have to do is call and schedule a time that works for you!

You or someone from your family will need to be present when they arrive on the scheduled pick up date.  They will come into your home, pick up the dresser, table, etc., move it and get it out of the home for free!

I hope this helped answer that big question today, as always check back for more answers relating to Senior home selling, Senior Estate Sale, Senior Moving and Senior Living / Assisted Living care programs.

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