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Should Seniors have an Estate Sale?

Shelby Reed, Co-founder Senior Living Experience answers your question on Senior Estate Sales:

A question that we receive quite a bit at Senior Living Experience is that – Should you have an estate sale? Should Seniors / Aging Adults / Your Parents have an Estate Sale?

Well, the best answer to this question is that if you are wondering to have an estate sale or not, the first step is to call at least 2-3 Estate Sale companies and have them visit you so that you can get an idea of what value they think your items are going to sell for.

Saint Louis Estate Sale QuestionsAnother important step is to nail down your agreement with the Estate Sale company – i.e. the percentage of sale they charge as their service fees. When the Estate Sale company visits you, they will tell you what your items will sell for… for example, if an item will sell for $2500, then you must always deduct the Estate Sale company’s service fee before you calculate the final profit you will make off by selling that item. This way you will be very clear on how the Estate sale will benefit you.

The reason why many seniors prefer to have an Estate Sale is because it gives them the opportunity to get value back from items that they want to get rid off. Instead of just leaving the items when you are selling your home to a home buyer/investment company, it is always a good idea to sell those items and get some money in return.

Senior Living Experience is located in Saint Louis, Missouri and we work with a resourceful Estate Sale Company. We are here to help you downsize to an assisted living facility by buying your home fast for cash as well as helping with your Estate Sale and Moving.


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