Where do I start when downsizing in St. Louis, MO??

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Where do I start when downsizing in St. Louis, MO??

Senior Downsizing in St. Louis, MO – Assisted Living Questions

A lot of people have asked us the question – Where do I start when downsizing?!

Whether it is someone who is looking to help their parents move to a senior living facility in St. Louis or it is the parents (seniors) themselves – The question remains the same – what are the steps, and what should we do first??

In this video, we will give you the answer! 

The big concern right away is usually – What will you do with all the things you have collected in your home over the years? Because you are moving from likely, a much larger space (i.e your home where you have lived in for a significant amount of time), to a new, often times smaller space.

Do you need to go through each of those necessary or useless items, declutter them, organize them and sort them before you can get transitioned into senior living or can someone help you with that?? This can be an overwhelming situation during senior downsizing.

Well, the answer is very similar to how we set up goals in our life and how we approach them by designing a workable strategy.


We suggest putting aside an hour every other day, or even if it is just 1 hour a week where you simply pick one room to organize. This way you can easily sort out the items that you want to bring with you when moving to a senior living facility.

Another great way to do this easily and fast is to set up another space outside the room you are sorting, such as your hallway, where you can put the items in these 3 categories:

  1. Items you will use for sure
  2. Items you haven’t used but you think you may want to use them in the near future
  3. Items you want to throw away

Technically, it all comes down to picking a day and then focusing on that particular room in the house and sorting the items accordingly to the above given categories.

Another important step in the decluttering process is to identify items that you have in multiple quantities, such as towels, shoes etc. Make sure to sort them out as well.

During the senior transitioning process, we have noticed that some people will keep things because of obligations and expectations.  We suggest that you speak with that person about the item because most of the time, what you have held on for someone may or may not be any longer important to them.

To conclude, the first step to get started with downsizing is to sort out the items that you have collected over the years at your home and what you want to do with them.

At Senior Living Experience, we work closely with you to map out the most workable strategy to declutter the items and we can also take care of the items you want to leave behind when moving to Senior Living Care facility in St. Louis.


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